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BI-STATE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY 14 | Mass Transit | | DECEMBER 2014/JANUARY 2015 I put it back, it's good for another 125," he further explained. "But, if it melts down, it's toast. Te cost to rebuild this thing is $600. Molten metal, $2,500. "I'm making 1,900 bucks right away — more than enough to cover the cost of a mechanic to replace it when it was still good." In 2000, the mean distance between failures was 3,400 and within the second year of the new plan, they were close to 10,000 miles, and more than 22,000 miles in FY 2014. Te target for the bus life is now 15 years, 825,000 miles. Previously it was 12 years, 600,000 miles. Friem said, "We've immediately saved 25 percent of our cap- ital budget going forward." Te major investment points are at 200,000, 400,000 and 600,00 and the weighted average cost is that they're not spending that much at the beginning or the end of the life of the bus. Darren Curry, chief mechanical ofcer, said that their new buses, 1 to 2 years old, are running about 5 cents a mile. "Te buses that are sitting down there, ready to go up for auction … they're operating at 19 cents a mile." "Tat's a bus with 750,000-plus miles on it," Friem stressed. "Te plan only works if you have a capital re- placement plan to support it," Curry said. "You can do great maintenance, but if you're not committed to the replacement of that vehicle to the target that you're going to land, you might extend a little but eventually you're going to go under." Friem said they developed a fxed replacement schedule. "We are going to buy 1/15th of our feet every year, like clockwork. Now the region knows exactly how much capital I need." To catch up to a point of a fxed replacement schedule, to even out the feet age, they purchased 15 refurbished articulated buses from Complete Coach Works at a fraction of the cost of a new bus. Curry said at one point Friem came down to the shop where they had a 2008 bus that had just gone through a midpoint, including painting, a brand new Gillig bus and one of the refurbished buses they had re- cently purchased. "I asked what do you think of the refurbished bus and he asked, 'OK, which one is it?' No one can tell what's a new or old bus anymore." Curry said Friem changed the conversation. "We got tired of complaining of what we don't have or what we can't, to this is what we're going to do." TRANSPORTATION & INfRASTRucTuRe buIldINgS & fAcIlITIeS cONSTRucTION MANAgeMeNT eNeRgy SeRvIceS An employee-owned firm Offices nationwide Toll-free: 877-395-5459 Reaching the century mark isn't easy – you have to be quality-driven, client-focused, and have a vision for the future. At 100 years, STV is looking ahead. As an employee-owned frm, our planners, architects, engineers and construction managers have a stake in the business, and are committed to quality performance. We provide personal attention and timely solutions, with an eye toward sustainability. And with more than 40 ofces, we are a local frm with national resources. When it comes to getting your project delivered right, choose the frm that has the drive and vision to be the best. Enduring. Driven. Visionary. For more information, visit THE AGENCY operates the Gateway Arch's tram system, the riverboats, helicopter tours and manages its parking facility. Gateway Arch

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