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BI-STATE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY DECEMBER 2014/JANUARY 2015 | | Mass Transit | 15 1 855 510-7837 | Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Using our industry leading technology, your trains will have the ability to reach out to you when there is a problem. No more guessing. No more trial and error. Tackle problems before you have them. Get your trains talking. For more information, visit Te Smart Bus Project is the next phase of the program. With I/O Controls' Dinex G3 Multiplex System, anything that the multiplex system touched, they could measure and count, so they can pre- dict it. Curry said they really started pushing what its capabilities were and eventually contacted the designer to open up a dialogue. Tey got to the point that the bus can start itself, run through its own pre-trip inspection and email its fndings. As good as the planned maintenance is, Curry said, it's currently mileage based and based on the heaviest duty cycle. "What we're going to move to is a condition-based, all the way down to the com- ponent itself. In addition to that," he added, "we'll be able to look at how it's operating — we'll look at the predictive side." As long as the bus is operating in its given parameters, it will go the full cycle but if it operates outside its parameters, the bus will generate its own order. "In the future … you could have buses that are ordering its own parts with its own approved vendor list," Curry said. "Te bus orders its own part and it arrives two or three days ahead of the bus being scheduled in ... Storerooms where you had bins with part numbers on it, instead you have bins with bus numbers on it." The ROI of Transit Nations said, "(I) think the entire public transportation indus - try sufers from viewing itself and consequently having itself viewed by others, as a public assistance agency. Just the way we talk about it," stressed Nations. "Stop talking about how you need a public subsidy. No, I don't. People say you're going to run out of money and I said I'm never going to run out mon- ey. Why? Because I'm only going to put on the street what I get paid to put on the street. And that has been changing the conversation here in St. Louis. He continued, "You create the prosperity but you have to have the engine to do it and then you make sure the prosper- ity gets returned to the people in the form of better services, better amenities. "How can I take my system, when it comes to transit, and improve an area? If you look in St. Louis," he said, "some of the best developments are right around the Metrolink line. It's all around transit." Nations said, "What Ray Friem does and what his team does, gives me the confdence to go to our funding partners and say this is where we are, this is how we compare to our peer groups across the country. We don't believe you can fnd a better invest- ment for public transit in St. Louis than us and we'll be glad to put our operation up against anybody." Total Vehicles Passenger Trips Revenue Miles Farebox Recovery Metro Bus 379 30,123,181 18,520,796 20.2% Metro Link 87 17,466,322 3,127,483 25.2% Demand Response 120 580,562 5,351,418 9.8%

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