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DECEMBER 2014/JANUARY 2015 | | Mass Transit | 27 • Ambient light sensors should be used to automatically adjust backlight brightness based on light conditions. • Avoid digital displays optically bonded to cover glass. If glass is broken then the expensive LCD is also lost. Tey're also more dif- cult to keep cool in direct sunlight. • Cooling systems must be robust and reliable and consume mini- mum power and space. • Te sun is worse in winter. • East/west orientations are worst. North/south orientations are best. Tere is a great deal to con- sider when thinking of how the sun alone will impact outdoor displays. Te LCD is not the only critical component afect- ed by harsh environments. Most electrical components are rated up to certain temperatures and can't be exposed to moisture or particulate debris. When it comes to the impact of temperature and humidity on outdoor/semi-out- door digital LCD displays, transit displays must: • Be designed for ambient tem- peratures from -40F to 122F. • Be designed for high tempera- tures and direct sun load. • Have a sealed display to prevent condensation. • Have a start-up procedure for low-temp power up. © Copyright 2011 SKF Group New High Capacity Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer from SKF doubles your air fow output Like the original Dual Turbo-2000 for extreme compressor duty cycles, SKF's newest model keeps air systems clean and capacity high with two desiccant cartridges and an intricate oil removal system that removes even the fnest oil residue. But the new H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 is designed for even greater compressor size to meet the air fow output needs of high output compressors required on 2010 transit bus engines, (80 scfm and up to 40% compressor duty cycle). So now you have more ways than ever to meet your feet needs. Easy to install and service; reduces feet downtime. For more information, visit TYPICAL OUTDOOR digital LCD display at a subway entrance. LG-MRI • Be designed for excessive shock and vibration • Plan for when the display is of. • Have embedded electronics rated for internal display temperatures. • Pick a display that has the fewest failure mechanisms. • Prepared for diferent tempera- ture fuctuations. For more, visit www. 12018933 Peter Kaszycki is president and CEO of LG-MRI. He will be presenting a roundtable discussion titled, "Digital Displays in Transportation Venues" at Digital Signage Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 12. For more information visit

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